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Unhitched – A Personal Grey Divorce story

Take time to read a very personal article in the New York Times called Unhitched about a boomer couple and their divorce after almost 3 decades of marriage.  Our book When Harry Left Sally tells the stories of many couples just like this one. … Continue reading

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Interesting Study on Divorce and Parental Attachement

Attachment and Parental Divorce: A Test of the Diffusion and Sensitive Period Hypotheses a study conducted by R. Chris Fraley and Marie E. Heffernan, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Findings indicate that in general, people whose parents … Continue reading

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Family Mediation Information Video

Check out this cute video created by the UK Ministry of Justice on Mediation.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDxpWwA9NU4 Do you think Canada should do something similar?          

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For many who are contemplating divorce, the decision to leave a marriage or relationship happens over time. Weighing the pros and cons often comes down to the question: “will I be happy?”. A Harvard psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, has been studying … Continue reading

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    According to the 2006 study Wives as Primary Breadwinners, by Deborah Sussman and Stephanie Bonnell, there has been an increase in wives as primary-earners in families between 1967 (11%) and 2003 (29%).  When wives are the primary-earners in … Continue reading

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Five Tips on Approaching Divorce/Separation in a Healthy Way

Want to have a healthy divorce/separation?  Here are some tips to get you on the right path: Don’t be afraid to get a handle on your family finances See professional help to tell your children you’re divorcing Educate yourself on all … Continue reading

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  Recent research on children revealed that they are more determined that others will profit less than themselves, even if they suffer in the process.  The experiment offered a child a choice between one lollipop for them and none for … Continue reading

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Toronto Star Article

  Check out Ellen Roseman’s Article Separation’s high cost: Spending cut to the bone  http://www.moneyville.ca/article/1270309–you-must-cut-expenses-to-the-bone-when-dividing-households (from yesterday’s Toronto Star online).  In this article Ellen interviews our very own Eva Sachs about her role as a divorce financial analyst and her advice for … Continue reading

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Another Hollywood “Grey Divorce”

    Although not headline news,  Danny Devito age 67 and Rhea Perlman age 64 announced they have separated.  Press notices refer to the couple as good friends and business partners.   Friends and associates are quoted as being ‘totally surprised’ … Continue reading

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Managing Expectations in Collaborative Divorce:

Divorce is often a stressful, difficult and long process; even the most agreeable spouses can take a while to work out an agreement that is suitable for all.  Here are some ideas to keep in mind to help you manage … Continue reading

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