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Optimizing  Divorce Financial Outcomes 


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What you want from Mediation

Your Priority

You want to have "optimal outcomes" for your family.  You want a  good  relationship wth your spouse and kids  years after  your divorce. 

Your Intention

You want to make smart financial decisions and build a fair, sensible and well-designed divorce settlement that takes into account your financial future well being.

Your Goal

 You want to save time, energy and money in getting to a settlement  you can both feel good about

How Mutual Solutions achieves this for you

We  guide you through the  maze of paperwork,  facilitate the  mediation discussions,   strategize and present you with  options and information, coach you on the financial issues and  financial impact of any settlement  scenarios being considered  and ultimately create a written agreement you understand and can live with so you can move on with your life


You want to work with a leading financial mediation professional team with 30 years of combined experience

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Managed Process

You want your mediation to be managed in a timely and transparent manner respecting your priorities and timelines

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Customized Services

You want have a choice in  how  detailed you want your mediation settlement to  be ..all at a reasonable cost 

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Answers to your Questions

Separation  is confusing. You want answers to many questions before you start. 

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Recent Media

With a longer life expectancy and higher quality of life,  more and more older couples are opting for a      " Grey Divorce" 

National Post discusses this trend in depth with us.

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