Your professionals

Eva Sachs Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

 Eva is a recognized fee only divorce financial consultant and financial planner launching her practice over 10 years ago . Since 2006, Eva has  shown countless couples  how the combination of income, property division, and spousal & child support  will affect them post-divorce – helping them understand the financial  implications of the settlement.

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)
  • Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS)
  • Recognized authority in the media.

Marion Korn Lawyer Mediator

 In my decades of working with separating families their success in reaching agreement comes from our joint efforts.  Organizing the discussions so they are productive. Preparing at every stage to understand all of the elements that matter to each person.  Creating possible solutions that can be tested to make sure they will be as clear and meaningful in 5 or 10 years as they are today.

  • Accredited Family Mediator in Ontario
  • Master’s Degree in Law in Dispute Resolution
  • Three decades in practice as a family law lawyer
  • Recognized authority in the media


Marion  & Eva always acknowledged the emotions and anxiety. What was important to me  was the betterment of my family. The result was a settlement where we all remained civil  - and we still are.

Our  efforts  were focussed on identifying an approach and an outcome that aligned with values and needs. I believe this was the key factor in landing the agreement we did.

Marion & Eva  brought warmth, understanding and clear-headed strategic thinking to the negotiations based on her years of experience. Their unbiased and frank advice cut through to the heart of things, helping me reach a resolution better than I had dreamed possible. With my agreement settled, I feel hopeful about the future. 

Marion & Eva brought us the professional experience and guidance  we needed  at a difficult time in our lives. Their management and resources ensured an equitable outcome for all our family.