Our Flat Fee Service Packages

We don't believe our  fees should be a mystery. 

You'll know upfront what our services will cost and what they include.

You will be able to  discuss and budget  for this expense in advance. No surprises.

Because everyone's situation is unique, we offer several competitively priced services packages depending on your needs. 

We provide our recommendation once we are familiar with your situation.

Flat Fee Mediation Packages

Simple Package

Suitable for couples whose finances are straightforward 


  • Financial disclosure collection management
  • Completed financial documents as required in family law
  • Financial analysis to assist in future planning
  • Financial plan forecast
  • 3 mediation sessions - 6 hours in total 
  • Written memorandum of understanding of agreed to items

Comprehensive Package

Suitable for couples whose finances may be detailed & need more time to mediate their settlement

Same as Simple Package

plus these additional services

  • Financial plan forecast (up to 3 scenarios)
  • 3 mediation sessions -  may be up to 9 hours in total 
  • Separation Agreement drafted by family law specialist

Comprehensive Plus Package

Suitable for couples whose finances include more complex assets & incomes requiring more time, resources & expertise to mediate their settlement 

Same as Comprehensive Package

plus these additional services 

  • Financial plan forecast (up to 4  scenarios)
  • 3-4 mediation sessions -  may be up to 12 hours mediation
  • Coordination of reports as required from other experts**
  • Conference call with reviewing lawyers to review the draft agreement

** i.e. business, compensation, pension, other valuators; corporate law specialists; tax consultants, estate consultants, accountants, etc.