Our Approach

How we Mediate

Once you've come to the decision to separate, figuring out how you will deal with the "business" part of ending your marriage is confusing.  

 Our financial mediation walks you through the process of how to divide property, builds individual budgets and illistrates cash flow for your separate futures,  resulting in a workable plan.

Prepare & Strategize

We start with the facts. We get a complete understanding of your financial picture, establish goals and  begin  mediation discussions with specific  strategies  based on your unique needs and goals.

Discuss & Refine

We present various options using our insight and experience, providing a starting point for discussion.  We evaluate how each proposal may affect your future net worth and cash flow using easy to follow reports.

Write up the Agreement

We prepare a comprehensive draft summarizing all of the details  both of you have agreed to. 

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